Vault- flexible, relocatable storage


A cost-effective, portable storage solution that maximises lettable space.



Vault units are ideal for creating additional storage in both outdoor and indoor areas. These cost-effective, versatile units are suitable for self storage operators as well as any other businesses with unused space.

The customisable and durable design ensures that you can utilise all your lettable space in order to maximise rental revenue. The Janus Vault can be used as single or multi-units and placed in areas you wouldn’t traditionally build on. Obtaining planning consent is likely to be simpler, if it is required at all.

The products are made from high-quality steel, come flat packed and are very easy to assemble. Up to 12 units can be loaded on one truck. They can be installed in any location and relocated with a forklift, when necessary.

Key benefits:

  • Flexible: Customisable, scalable and portable.
  • Secure: Sturdy recessed lock as standard.
  • Quick: Flat packed and easy to install with step-by-step guide provided.
  • Durable: High-quality material and design.
  • Great value: Cost-effective and maximises rental revenue.

Additional option:

  • Nokē Smart Entry System.

Vault units offer a flexible, customisable and scalable storage solution for indoor or outdoor use.

They are available as single or multi-units with a total rentable area of 6.56m2 per unit.

Short manufacturing lead times allow you to tap into demand by increasing your chargeable space quickly and economically.

Utilising the Vault units will increase self storage construction space and revenue, which ultimately will result in higher profits.

If you are currently faced with any of the following issues, Vault may be the solution for you:

  • Unused indoor or outdoor space.
  • Need for more storage units/rental income, but construction funds are prohibitive.
  • Unused parking areas.
  • Available land on utility easements or a sloping land that is unsuitable for permanent construction.
  • Vault units offer a cost-effective extension to the construction of your facility, delivering the same look without the construction costs or zoning issues.
  • Many local governments classify external relocatable units as equipment, so you may be able to bypass lengthy permission processes, too. Tax devaluation advantages may also exist.
  • Easily accessible to renters: A feature that allows you demand higher rent.
  • The units units allow owners more flexibility than traditionally constructed building structures. Because they are portable, they can be placed in areas where you would not traditionally build.
  • Easily movable by a forklift.


Available as single or multi-units in a wide range of colours. The choice is yours!


Easily relocated with a forklift- even when loaded.

An original Janus design, manufactured in the UK by storage experts.

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