Effective Communication Top Tips

July 05, 2019

Janus Europe’s Top Tips: Having a Difficult Conversation With a Colleague

June was Effective Communications Month, and the chance to develop personal, team and company communication skills. Effective communication is incredibly important here at Janus International Europe (as it is at any company) as there are many moving parts. Our HR Director, Deborah Finding, weighs in on the topic below and how to approach a tricky subject with a co-worker. 

“We all will experience difficulties in working relationships with colleagues and knowing how to conduct those conversations isn’t easy. Here are 3 tips to approaching a tricky topic with a colleague: 

1. Assume positive intent: Assuming that everyone wants the best for the company, and that they also want others to succeed and be happy is always the best starting point – and it’s almost always true.

2. Be specific in your feedback: “I have noticed some tensions between you and Person A. In my view, if you approached Person A more like this, I think you would find them more receptive to your ideas” is much better than feedback of “Improve communication with Person A”, as it is clear, and gives them an actionable place to start thinking about the issue.

3. Practice radical empathy: Understanding similarities and differences is a cornerstone of effective communication. Once we realise others think differently to us, we can choose to adapt our style in order to be able to reach them more easily: how do I think would x like to work with me on this?. The more we understand our own preferred working style and those of our colleagues, the easier it is to be kind to them.”

By intentionally putting these three tips into practice, you are on your way to a better and healthier working environment for yourself and your co-workers.