Case Study: storemore

February 25, 2021


About storemore

The storemore team describes the self storage concept as the “hotel of things”. A modern type of storage in which you can store your belongings safely and cheaply in an external storage facility. The company attaches great importance to fair pricing, flexible contract conditions and high security standards. For storemore, self storage means the art of letting go without letting go completely.

storemore is a brand of Selbstlagerbox GmbH, which opened its first self storage site in Leipzig in 2010.


Janine Krakow, CEO, Selbstlagerbox GmbH
Mathias Ihle, Co-founder & Managing Director, storemore



Leipzig, Bielefeld, Dresden – Germany




The Project

The timescales for the implementation of the new storemore project in Leipzig were very tight. Janus was chosen as the self storage supplier as the storemore team had worked with them on previous projects where they delivered great results. Janus was able to meet the requested deadlines with a cost-effective, high-quality solution and the storemore team was delighted with the storage planning.


Site Specifications

Gross floor area: 7211 m2
Number of units: 1137
Number of floors: 4


Product / Service used

  • Full partition system
  • Design & Planning
  • Installation


Customer Testimonial

“We are very satisfied with the partnership and always received excellent advice. Our requests were dealt with as quickly as possible and a solution was found even if there were problems. We really like the personal support and close contact with Janus employees during both the planning and implementation phases.” – Janine Krakow, CEO, Selbstlagerbox GmbH



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