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Create a Storage Plan to Maximise Space

storage plan
storage plan

Every self storage project starts with a storage plan which based on project objectives, encapsulates self storage design . This storage design acts as the foundation of your project’s success, which means that it is critical that your storage plan is flawless. If you are new to the industry and thinking about self storage investment, Janus International will assist you in creating the perfect plan at any stage of your self storage project.

Your self storage design is all part of the service; we’ll survey the site and produce detailed drawings, time-scales and costs. All you need to do is pick up the phone!

Our team of self storage experts will begin creating your storage plan by drawing floor plans that include full details of all achievable storage unit mix options for your construction. This self storage design done with clever planning results in an opportunity to earn maximum revenue, which will ultimately yield increased profits. Products such as top lockers, island decks, and mezzanine floors accomplish this by increasing saleable space in single storey self storage facilities. Janus International’s Moveable Additional Storage Structures (MASS) units function similarly by providing outside space for drive-up storage.

We use the same process for new construction, conversion, and refurbishment projects. It’s a tried and tested approach. Contact our team and begin your self storage construction with us!

Maximise Quality & Reduce Self Storage Costs

All Janus International self storage solutions are built around our market leading products. These products are built with top grade materials and are brilliantly engineered, which reduces your self storage costs in terms of maintenance and replacement expenses. Our self storage design can make previously unused space saleable, split larger units into smaller and there by optimise your space.

An example of one of these products is our roll-up door. Our roll-up doors have a dead axle design, hard steel, a tension adjuster, radial ball bearings, and superior paint. All of these features come standard on our competitively priced doors.

The size of our company lowers self storage prices and gives customers excellent buying power. Our lean manufacturing and high performance systems lowers the cost of building a self storage facility even further. Customers will continue to realise savings with our exceptional reliability and durability – we are as close to “fit and forget” as you will find. So, if you are looking for the right partner for your next construction project, talk to us today!

Maximise Return on Investment

Janus International provides smart planning, fast installation, and long term product performance. All of these factors ensure that the return on investment begins soon and is maintained at an optimum level well into the future on every self storage project.

Maximise Customer Experience

The safety and security of your customers is paramount. Fire protection, alarms, escape route planning, and other safety considerations are all available from Janus International along with guidance on regulations. CCTV and access control systems augment the inherent security of roll-up door and partitioning systems.

Our products enhance the customer experience as well. Hemmed edges on all doors eliminate the risks to hands, while integrated door and frame systems have a clean look. When these elements are combined with soffit lighting and bright colours, pleasant spaces are created that your customers will enjoy and will feel confident to use.

Maximise Speed of Completion

Janus International is made up of seasoned self storage professionals that excel in delivering projects on time and on budget. Communication and collaboration are key skills in keeping projects on-track and moving forward. Our team has plenty of experience in building self storage facilities or working alongside you and other contractors.

On-site, Janus products are a revelation. Our design team has developed a system that is self-sustaining and unequalled for speed of installation, yet makes no compromises on material quality or performance. Our patented roll-up door installs in just three minutes and is recognised as the industries’ leading door for performance.

Call us at +44 (0) 191 518 5830 and discover how quickly we can work. Our team of experts is standing by to assist you.

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