Shooting Day-Out With Steel Storage and RADical Systems

May 31, 2018

On the 11th of May, Steel Storage (a Janus International company) and RADical Systems co-hosted a clay shooting day at Bisley Shooting Ground. The day started with a meeting in the Bisley clubhouse where it seems that time has stood still for the last hundred years. Everyone’s favorite, the bacon roll, was available along with a number of beverages, (very much non-alcoholic before the shooting), to get the day going.

             Self Storage Shooting Day

Teams were created and with a minor false start in relation to the meeting point, the shooting started. Tuition was provided for those with no previous experience and soon everyone was blasting clay pigeons out of the sky.

After this morning practice and a mid-morning break, the competition began in earnest. Whilst it is a very light-hearted event there is no denying everyone wants to win! Just before lunch and now back in the clubhouse the results were announced.

The highest team was awarded to Rip Buck (RADical Systems), James Kerr (Matlock Self Storage), David Milton (ABC Selfstore) High Gun to Nick Allen (Multi-Store) and The Clay Conservationist award went to Paul Coles (Access Self Storage). All the winners received a bottle of Champagne!

Lunch was served in the dining room and talk continued on the days shooting as well as getting well into setting the Self Storage world to rights!

Thank you to all who attended and well done to the winners.