Self Storage Riga

January 20, 2021

Self Storage Riga

CEO and Co-Founder
Augusts Iesalnieks

Riga, Latvia


About the company

SELF STORAGE RIGA is a conversion facility in Latvia which opened in summer 2020. This was an existing building that was bought for the purpose of modernising and converting into a site to house self storage and to also run their Wash and Drive business from a new location. The building was stripped out inside and completely re-clad in the company’s corporate branding.  

SELF STORAGE RIGA enables individuals and companies to store belongings and equipment in a safe and easily accessible place close to the city centre with 24/7 smart key access. Currently, there is one location which is the largest rentable facility in Riga with above 2000m2 storage space. SELF STORAGE RIGA aims to open more facilities in Latvia with the help and support from Janus International Europe in the near future.

Site Specifications

Gross floor area: 2000m2
Number of floors: 4

Product / Service used

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Full Standard Product Range
  • NokÄ“ Smart Entry System
  • Mezzanine
  • Installation

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for SELF STORAGE RIGA was to decide whether to opt for a sector known to them – small office spaces – or enter a new business without any experience – self storage. Visiting Janus and the supportive team at the ISS World Expo, Las Vegas in 2018, gave SELF STORAGE RIGA excellent insights and the final push to launch into the industry. It was evident that there is great potential for self storage facilities in Latvia and that the sector offers many long-term advantages. For example, once the space is more or less rented out the fluctuations in rented m2 are very low risk.

The Solution

Janus worked with SELF STORAGE RIGA from the very beginning and the European team offered ongoing advice and consultation. After providing designs and a layout of the self storage unit, Janus found the perfect solution to optimise the rentable area and ensure the client has made best use of the available space.

This was a unique project for Janus as the self storage area is also part of a large car wash business. One of the difficulties was to keep the car wash customers and the self storage customers segregated, at entry and exit points. This is where the nokē smart entry system was very beneficial. Automating the entry and exit points means that only those with the nokē smart entry mobile application are able to enter the self storage facility.

Customer Testimonial

“Especially in these challenging times we are happy to work with Janus International Europe and chose the nokÄ“ system entry system for our facility. Martyn Dickinson’s experience in general was very helpful and any issues have been resolved quickly and professionally. I see huge potential for Janus with the nokÄ“ smart entry system and this gives our customers the option to reserve their storage space online and move in straight away.” – Augusts Iesalnieks, CEO, Self Storage Riga