SecurGuard Electronic Lock


Electronic Lock/Overlock/Monitor for Roll-up and Swing Doors ¹


The SecurGuard® Electronic Lock/Overlock/Monitor for Roll-up and Swing Doors is designed to:

¹US patent 8,789,859. Other US and Intl patents pending.  ²Dependent on self-storage rental management software.


Features & Benefits

The Janus International SecurGuard® Electronic Lock/Overlock/Monitor product provides a secure interior (inside-the-door) electronic lock, automated overlocking, and continuously monitored security and access control to your individual self-storage units.


  • Combines a lock, automated overlocking and monitoring in one product – saves on the cost of these individual solutions, if purchased separately, shortening the return on investment time frame
  • Automates the move-in and overlocking process – allows for online and after hour rentals, prevents access to delinquent tenants, provides immediate access to tenants upon payment and discourages tailgating
  • Interior (inside-the-door) locking and monitoring – makes the lock more secure and difficult to tamper with or defeat
  • Solid and tamper-resistant (secure) locking mechanism – ensures that the lock is engaged and tamper-resistant to discourage would-be burglars
  • Small footprint – no loss of usable square footage in the storage unit
  • Metal design with tough nylon components – Low maintenance design tested to outlast the door springs
  • Bottom of the door guide mounting and locking – Provides a strong and stable locking platform
  • Easy and quick installation – provides for fast and cost effective installation
  • Entrapment protection via manual lock release button – allows the lock to be manually opened from inside the unit
  • No lock batteries required – no need to purchase costly batteries and expend time to replace them on a regular basis
  • Compatible with all Janus International roll-up doors – the leading door in the self storage industry.
  • Battery Backup – provides power to unlock the locks during a power outage.
  • Individual door and lock monitoring – improves individual unit security and access


Easy Installation

The Electronic Lock and Lock Bar are easily installed on the door guide and bottom bar of the Janus International roll-up or swing door. The Electronic Lock and Lock Bar can be installed on new doors prior to installation or during retrofit or door replacement programs.



The SecurGuard® Electronic Lock/Overlock/Monitor for Roll-up Doors is covered by a Janus International 1 year limited warranty.


Still Have Questions?

If you still have questions about the all-new SecurGuard® Smart Entry System by Janus International, get in touch!