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SecurGuard Electronic Lock

According to a recent Survey, 60% of Self Storage customers confirmed that SECURITY is a major factor they consider, before deciding where to store their belongings.


Janus International in association with PTI security systems, presents the last link in fully automating the unattended move-in process.

A Solution that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our electronic lock is a secure interior electronic lock inside the door that provides:





Our Electronic lock is designed to:

  1. Provide additional security and access control to both occupied and vacant self storage units.
  2. Automate the overlocking process
  3. Continuously monitor the lock when it is unlocked or locked and the door is opened or closed.
  4. Support Online, Call Center & Rental Station (or kiosk) rentals.
  5. Allow for unattended facility operations.


Our SecurGuard lock for roll-up doors provides additional security for your tenants and their belongings.

Our Product is sure to make your business even more appealing.

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How does it work?

When the roll-up door is closed, it locks the door on the interior of the unit, securing the door from the inside. This makes it more difficult to access and compromise the lock and the contents of the unit.

It also keeps your vacant units secure from anyone seeking to access the contents of other tenant’s unit or those who are trying to leave unwanted items an empty unit.

Combined with PTI Security System’s access control solutions, you can give you’re your tenants access to their units via rugged PTI keypads or the PTI easyCODE smart phone app.

EasyCODE users can also view access history and receive instant notifications if the door has been opened. Owners and facility managers can utilize the the PTI’s StoreLogix mobile smart phone app to view events, alarms and remotely unlock doors.

There really is no better solution for securing your tenant’s units.

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