Partitioning and Hallway systems


Durable Self Storage Partitions and Walls

partitioning systems
partitioning systems

Durability, quick installation and ease of maintenance characterise Janus International UK’s partitioning and hallway solutions. Self sustaining self storage partitions and walls integrate to produce a clean, neat appearance that greatly increases the user experience.

The appearance of your self storage construction plays a critical role in converting potential customers into renters. Visitors will scrutinise your building’s physical aspects, which makes it important to use high quality materials that will maintain their condition over time.

Janus International’s self storage partitions and walls are designed with durability in mind. Our partitioning systems are constructed with 26 gauge steel that will last for years with virtually no maintenance. This material will reduce labour and replacement costs for your business, meaning that you will be able to spend valuable resources elsewhere.

partitioning systems
partitioning systems

Our self storage partitions and walls are delivered quickly and can be installed with ease. We offer a one year warranty on material and workmanship, which ensures that your new partitioning system will be defect free after installation. Contact us for additional information or to purchase an industry leading partitioning system from one of the most trusted manufacturers in the self storage business.

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Partition diagram
Partition diagram


Kick Plates

9 – Kick Plates

Kick plates keep wall and hallways looking good by taking the knocks of traffic and keeping their finish. Typically 300mm deep, however deeper sections are often used around heavy traffic areas. Available in galvalume, white and glossy white in smooth and checkerplate.


Complete Hallway Storage Solutions

In addition to durable partitioning systems, Janus International offers a complete range of hallway storage solutions. Our hallway storage components include:

While these components will attract renters based on their visual appearance, they also have the potential to lower business risk and replacement expenses. Products such as our midspans and corner guards are strong examples of these kinds of hallway storage solutions.

Midspans are designed to offer support to walls, but they can also have unintended consequences if they are not manufactured with safety in mind. Many companies produce and supply midspans with sharp points and edges. Renters or facility staff can easily come into contact with these points, which could result in injury. Janus International proactively hems all points and edges to prevent incidents from occurring.

Corner guards may seem like a decorative item at first, but they serve to protect self storage walls from becoming dented or scraped. These aluminum components will prevent damage and will enhance the overall appearance of your self storage construction.

Reduce business liabilities and increase the value of your construction with our hallway storage solutions. Call us at +44 (0) 191 518 5830 or email us with any questions that you might have. Our team of self storage experts is standing by to assist you.

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