Nokē™ Smart Entry System by Janus

The Nokē™ Smart Entry System by Janus International is a wireless, cloud-based digital key management solution that allows tenants entry to the facility using only a smart phone ¹


The Nokē Smart Entry System is designed to


¹Apple iOS™ (minimum iOS 10.2 or later) and Google Android™ (minimum Kit Kat 4.4 or later) smart phones and cellular-based tablets. ²Requires Janus International model 650 roller door, DMDS corrugated swing door or flat swing door. ³When no exterior hasp and padlock used.

*Dependent on self-storage rental management software. We currently integrate with the following Rental Management Software providers: 6Storage, EasySpace, SiteLink, Space Manager, Stora, Store365, Storman and more. We are working on additional integrations, give us a call for more details at +44 (0) 20 8744 9444. 

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Learn more about the Nokē Smart Entry System


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Owner/Operator Features & Benefits


    • Cloud-Based Application, Management, Authentication & Security:

      Allow owner/operator and/or site manager to securely manage the facility via a smart phone app, digital key authentication, and activity logs. Owner/Operators can securely access the administrative web portal for access to data presented in dashboard format, basic reports, and a data carve tool – provides flexibility and security of a cloud-based application, centralised setup and management, secure encrypted authentication, easy to use, intuitive smart phone application and valuable data collection.

    • Valuable Data (Data Mining):

      The system monitors tenant activity (entry dates, times, individuals, sharing of keys) and provides that information in the web portal in the form of dashboards, activity logs and basic reports or a data extraction tool – allowing owner/operator to track activity and usage and early identification of potential tenant move-outs.

  • Activity or Audit Trail:

    Owner/operators and tenants can view where, when and by who access is gained to a facility and individual units – provides an audit trail for all activity regarding entry to the facility.

  • Long-Term Solutions:

    Security is constantly evolving. Updating access control systems is expensive, inefficient, and most importantly, can compromise security – this solution is constantly being improved to deliver new features and functionality that enhance security management and entry control.

  • Cyber Security:

    The system uses state-of-the-art data encryption and cloud-based security that has been successfully tested by a distinguished 3rd-party cyber-security firm for likely cyber security threats – providing digital protection to your access control system and tenant information and reducing your security risk.

  • Automated Overlocking (and Release):

    The system via integration with your rental management software can automatically restrict access to the facility and overlock and release the individual unit – improve your efficiency by eliminating manual overlocking or release and the potential mistakes in that process. Improved tenant satisfaction in the automated release process.

Tenant Features & Benefits


    • Mobile Access:

      The tenant can conveniently open gates, unlock man-doors, access floors and unit locks with their Bluetooth enabled smart phone using the Storage Smart Entry App or via a Bluetooth-enabled wireless key FOB. – no getting out of the car at the gate, no access codes to remember, no keys to lose.

    • Smart Phone Access App:

      The tenant can easily access the address and phone number of the facility, touch icons to open gates, unlock man-doors, access floors and unlock unit locks from the home screen, determine unlocking and security levels, share digital keys, setup fobs, view activity, modify settings, make a payment† and obtain support all from the smart phone app – consolidating all activity in one convenient app with the ability to setup smart phone notifications.

      †Requires mobile-enabled payment portal with link

  • Motion Sensor (Interior):

    Each unit can be equipped with a motion sensor that provides notification to the tenant (and site manager) that motion has occurred in their unit – helps to prevent unauthorised access to the unit from other units (via partition wall or ceiling) – include the tenant in the security of their own unit, reducing risk.

  • Digital Key Remote Sharing and Management:

    Provide tenants the ability to instantly “share” (and revoke) customised access and well as manage their digital key with anyone they choose from anywhere in the world – lots of flexibility for the tenant to share their “key”, while maintaining tractability.

  • Smart Phone Notifications:

    The tenant can setup notifications on their smart phone that notify them when any mobile access (activity) related to your unit(s) takes place at the facility. It can also notify them if the unit door was not closed properly when they leave the facility – include the tenant in the security of their own unit, reducing risk.

  • Wireless Key FOB Option:

    Tenants that don’t have or want to use a smart phone can use small physical device that utilises Bluetooth and is encoded with a digital key that opens gates, doors and locks without a smart phone – provides a non-smart phone option.

  • Unit Door Status:

    Each unit has a unit controller on the exterior of the unit that detects motion close to the unit (wakes up battery-only unit controllers), lights the status of the door (open: green; closed: red) and chimes when the door is open and closed – providing the tenant with the ability to know the status of their unit.


Tenant Friendly

The tenant opens the gate, man-door or selects the floor in an elevator or unlocks the electronic lock and disengages the monitoring by using either the Nokē by Janus International Access tenant & manager smart phone app or the Tenant Wireless Key FOB. The electronic lock and alarm is reengaged by simply closing the self-storage unit door.

Owner/Operator Friendly

The site manager and or owner/operator opens the gate, man-door or selects the floor in an elevator or unlocks the electronic lock and disengages the monitoring by using the Nokē  by Janus International tenant & manager smart phone app. Site managers and/or owner/operators can unlock the electronic lock and disengage the alarm on both vacant units as well.

Additionally, the electronic lock automatically overlocks (and releases) a tenant’s unit based on the rental management software setup and integration with Nokē® by Janus International solution.


The Noke Smart Entry System by Janus International is covered by a Janus International 2 year limited warranty.


Smart Phone: Apple iOS (minimum of iOS 10.2 or later) and Google Android (minimum Kit Kat 4.4 or later) operating systems. Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher

Tablet: Apple iOS (minimum of iOS 10.2 or later) and Google Android (minimum Kit Kat 4.4 or later) operating systems. Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher. Must be cellular if WiFi coverage of the facility is unavailable

Implementation Requirements

  • Requires the use of Janus International Model 650 Roll-up or DMDS Swing doors
  • 220AC power run to each Altronix power supply (low voltage power solution)
  • 220AC power and internet access (via Cat 6 wire) run to each Nokē Smart Entry System

Existing Customers: Technical Support Line

Our Nokē technical support line is open from Monday 8:00am until Saturday 5:00pm, for any technical issues please contact us on:

Tel: +44 (0)20 8092 9441


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