Janus International Named in the ‘Inc. 5000’ List

 September 29, 2017

Janus International Group LLC, a manufacturer of self-storage roll-up doors and building components, has been named to “Inc.” Magazine’s “Inc. 5000” list of fastest-growing private companies for the fourth time in the last nine years. Janus ranked No. 2,391 on the 2017 list, nearly 2,000 positions higher than when it

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Make Sure Your Cyber Security Plan Is In Place

 May 02, 2017

Self-storage builders often find themselves in charge of property that has a very high value, not only financially, but also to your reputation. People will store their valuables with you, whether that is a family heirloom, or a company’s important electronic equipment. Though you might think of yourself as a

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Should the Storage Sector Prepare for Greater Automation?

 March 28, 2017

The storage and transport industries are among those most likely to be affected by greater automation in the UK. This is according to research conducted by PwC, which found that by the early 2030s 56 per cent of jobs in this category could be at risk as a result of

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Self-Storage Represents a ‘Stable’ Investment Option

 March 07, 2017

With the UK’s economy evolving following the Brexit vote, and much uncertainty surrounding the economic prospects of the country once it officially leaves the EU, it’s only natural for investors to be looking for new investment opportunities that can bolster their portfolios. In an article for IPE Real Estate, Russell

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