Make Sure Your Cyber Security Plan Is In Place

May 02, 2017

Self-storage builders often find themselves in charge of property that has a very high value, not only financially, but also to your reputation.

People will store their valuables with you, whether that is a family heirloom, or a company’s important electronic equipment.

Though you might think of yourself as a bricks and mortar business, but think about how you sign people up to your storage facility, how you store their details and how you communicate with your staff. We imagine that an awful lot of this will be online.

You are at risk of cyber attackers trying to get hold of everything from your customers’ payment details through to information on your security system. They say a chain is only as strong as the weakest link, so make sure you have your cyber security as well covered as your CCTV. reports that a new survey showing that many self storage businesses do not have a cyber strategy in place, but that they are as important “as a burglar alarm”.

The study found just 44 per cent of businesses said they had received training on cybersecurity, according to the Institute of Directors and Barclays. It found small, medium and large firms need more help and advice to put these measures in place.

It read: “Government, too, needs to do more to point busy business leaders towards existing schemes and advice, and making schemes more relevant.

“Ultimately, however, this is a matter for business – in a digital economy, it’s the equivalent of installing a burglar alarm.”

Self Storage businesses need to grow in resilience and intelligence to improve this.