Case Study: Löwenlager

May 27, 2021

About Löwenlager
Löwenlager’s main objective is to provide excellent storage space for their neighbours in Wolfenbüttel. In Wolfenbüttel, cellars are either non-existent or moist, due to high groundwater levels in the local area. The Löwenlager facility is on the first floor of a conveniently located town centre building and provides dry, climate controlled smart storage for the people and businesses in Wolfenbüttel.


Wolfenbüttel, Germany


Site Specifications
Gross floor area: 941 m2
Number of units: 101
Number of floors: 1




Products / Services used
• Consultancy
• Design
• Manufacture
• Partitioning Systems
• Nokē Smart Entry 


The Project

The Löwenlager team  had about 1000 m² of empty space that they wanted to turn into a modern self storage facility. Modern for them means that tenants should be able to use either their smartphone or an electronic key fob to access a unit. The Nokē Smart Entry System by Janus offers a suitable solution that is capable of both.

Also, with Janus and Nokē they were able to get all their self storage products as well as their access control system from one supplier. This simplified the process, as Löwenlager only had to contact one company that handled the entire project from start to finish and made sure the components work together.


Customer Testimonial
“Working with Janus was very pleasant. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Janus team was always reachable and in contact with us. We are very happy with the installed storage and the Nokē access control system.” –Nico Weichbrodt, Founder and CEO, Löwenlager


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