Case Study: FREIRAUM24

March 25, 2021


FREIRAUM24 is an owner-managed Lübeck-based self storage company that stands for reliability, security and excellent service. Customers are the priority and always receive needs-based, individual storage space at fair prices.

FREIRAUM24 is committed to environmentally friendly and sustainable business practices. The noticeable global climate change has prompted the company to take more responsibility for their CO₂ consumption. In the future, they will therefore aim to produce nearly all of their own green electricity using a high-performance photovoltaic system. In addition to being fed into lithium-ion batteries, the e-forklifts and the entire e-vehicle fleet are also charged via installed charging points – and all of which will be almost 100% ecological.



Lübeck, Germany




Site Specifications

Gross floor area: 3800 m2
Number of units: 515
Number of floors: 2


Product / Service used

  • Full partition.
  • Installation.


Customer Testimonial

“We established a great relationship with our Janus account manager Ian Payne right from the start! Ian is highly competent and extremely supportive. The project planning was good and the products are of a very high quality.” – Cay Cruse, CEO & Founder, FREIRAUM24



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