Existing Operators



There are a couple of questions we ask to every self storage operator:

Don’t worry, even the best laid plans may require adjustment.

May be you have 20 larger units that haven’t rented, yet your demand for smaller units is increasing.

We at Janus can add or remove partitions and doors to change unit sizing quickly and efficiently.

Designing Your Unit Mix: How does it work?

First, Janus’ innovative design team can help you maximize your layout. While you, the owner, will specify the unit sizes you desire, one of Janus’ experts will find hidden areas – around stairs, above other units etc. that will yield your greatest amount of rentable square footage area.

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

Statistics show that if a prospect visits your facility, you have a 75 percent chance to convert them into a tenant – pretty good odds.

What does your property’s condition say about your facility?

  • Does it appear safe?
  • Does it convey a secure place to store your belongings?
  • Is it easily accessible?

If not, you are more than likely losing money by missing opportunities to rent to a large portion of your potential market.

Aesthetics are vital in attracting new renters. Units with old, worn doors not only look less inviting, they can be perceived as being less secure than professionally installed Janus doors.

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