External Relocatable Units

ERU (External Relocatable Units)


Create revenue from utilising unused space!



External Relocatable Units (ERU) are more flexible than traditional buildings and are perfect for adding additional storage space. These units can be placed in any location and relocated with a forklift when necessary, even when loaded.

Ideal to be used as external garage units, our ERUs offer an affordable way to test the waters if you are planning to enter the self storage business or if you are an existing operator with unused outdoor space looking to generate more revenue.

Single or multi-units ÔÇô you choose. They will go into spaces you would not traditionally build on and planning consent will be simpler if it is even required at all!

Each ERU is designed to reflect the look and branding of your permanent storage units, while offering the same structural and safety features. Additionally, ERUs offer tenants drive-up convenience that saves time and energy.

Short manufacturing lead times allow you to tap into demand by increasing your chargeable space quickly and economically. Our ERUs will increase self storage construction space and revenue, which ultimately will result in higher profits.

ERUs are typically manufactured in a standard size. However, Janus International can build our movable storage units to suit your requirements. We have built custom, extra wide access buildings in the past and have paired our doors with these units for optimal results.

If you are currently faced with any of the following issues, ERUs may be the solution for you:

  • Unused outlying property along fences or property lines.
  • Need for more storage units/rental income, but construction funds are prohibitive.
  • Unused parking areas.
  • Available land on utility easements or a sloping land that is unsuitable for permanent construction.
  • ERUs offer a cost-effective extension to the construction of your facility, delivering the same look without the construction costs or zoning issues.
  • Many local governments classify external relocatable units as equipment, so you may be able to bypass lengthy permission processes, too. Tax devaluation advantages may also exist.
  • Can be delivered pre-built or erected onsite, ready to generate immediate income.
  • Easily accessible to renters: A feature that allows you demand higher rent.
  • External relocatable units allow owners more flexibility than traditionally constructed building structures. Because they are movable, they can be placed in areas where you would not traditionally build.
  • Easily moveable by a forklift.

    Portable storage units are ideal for those looking to dip their toe in the water of self storage investment.


You choose the style, you choose the colour and you choose the door!







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