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An Empty space and a blank sheet of paper is all it takes for us to GET STARTED.

Self Storage Design

Janus International’s key strength lies in it’s design team which is known for it’s flawless self storage design. Expert surveying and computer design modelling combine to produce ideal self storage solutions. Let our design team review your layout to ensure every possible corner in your construction is used as a saleable space. We can do this whilst maintaining a positive customer experience. 

We deliver customised integrated storage solutions to customers at a scalable level. Whether you are seeking a single lock or a complete construction project overhaul, the Janus team delivers world class self storage solutions at any stage, scale or level.

Our project based approach allows us to easily begin where you have left off. Even if you are at concept evaluation or beginning application planning, we can guide you through the complete process. We are experts at project management construction and will work with you at each step.

Furthermore, we can match you into existing systems and advise on improved space utilisation. This service is ideal if you are looking to refresh an existing self storage business, increase saleable space, or if just need some replacement doors and partitioning material.

The efficiency of your business is dependant on the design of your construction, and we can supply whatever you need for an ideal self storage design, thereby protecting your self storage investment

Our design team is skilled in producing floor plans that will generate maximum revenue. Conversions create the biggest challenge but we’re confident of the optimum solution.

Leave The Project Management and Self Storage Construction to Us

Janus has experienced hundreds of self storage projects of all scales across the world. When it comes to project management, we know every aspect of self storage construction and what it takes to comply with labour regulations, fire regulations and the host of administrative hurdles in your locality.

Combining this knowledge with our industrial self storage solutions, will result in a service that will reach the pay-back point faster than any other system. It is not only the design that impacts efficiency, self storage doors also has a role in how your business performs.

If you have any questions about your self storage design layout, book a consultation today! and we will help you with the self storage design ideas no one else in the industry can.

integrated storage solutions
integrated storage solutions

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