A strong commitment to Sustainability

 March 22, 2021

Janus International Europe Ltd (Janus) has made a commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while continuing to supply the highest quality products and solutions to the self storage industry. As per our Business Management Policy, Janus maintains a management system designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management

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Top tips for self storage digital marketing

 March 19, 2021

Is your branding on point? Are you happy with the number of new enquiries generated? Slightly confused by Google Ads? Effective external communication is hugely important for all self storage businesses, regardless of whether you’re an established operator or a start-up. Digital marketing, in particular, is an area you need

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Self storage technology that’s ideal for your facility’s security

 February 23, 2021

Self storage technology that’s ideal for your facility’s security Security is always a popular topic within self storage and there are many suppliers who provide the basics. Hopefully, you already have the standard security tools in place at your storage facility. But if you’re looking to take it beyond just

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5 Essential security features for self storage facilities


“What kind of security do I need at my storage facility?” That is a question we see almost every single week from both new-to-the-industry and experienced storage owners, and it’s no surprise. Yet, choosing the best self storage security tools still remains a mystery to many owners looking to take

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What has 2021 got in store for self storage?

 January 11, 2021

  Well, one thing 2020 taught us was to expect the unexpected… Businesses across all sectors have had to learn to be flexible and adaptable to survive in a volatile, unknown world. The same applies to the self storage industry although according to the annual FEDESSA report, this is a

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Automating Your Self-Storage Facility

 December 09, 2020

Have you ever thought about automating your self-storage facility? With the number of smartphone users rising every year, it may be time to consider fully, or partially, automating your facility. New technology now enables tenants to rent, access, and pay for their unit all on their personal smartphone. About 84%

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6 Advantages of Nokē Smart Entry System for Self Storage Owners

 September 30, 2020

Smartphones are changing customer expectations and the way they interact with businesses. Thanks to cloud-based technology and amazing new innovations in mobile apps, we can now start our car, turn off the lights in our bedroom, and answer a knock at our front door from anywhere using a smartphone. We

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6 reasons to invest in self-storage

 August 28, 2020

Investing in self-storage has proven to be a robust decision over the past decade. Self-storage offers entrepreneurs, developers, real estate owners and investors the opportunity to diversify their investments with relative safety and confidence. Self-storage facilities initially started in the USA around the 1960s and arrived in the UK in

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3 key steps to help you remotely manage your facility

 May 26, 2020

Remote access allows self-storage operators to manage their business from any location, at any time, without being tied to a specific physical site. With the variety of technology widely available, the self-storage industry is taking advantage of the latest innovations and technological advancement to control their business from anywhere in

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Effective Communication Top Tips

 July 05, 2019

Janus Europe’s Top Tips: Having a Difficult Conversation With a Colleague June was Effective Communications Month, and the chance to develop personal, team and company communication skills. Effective communication is incredibly important here at Janus International Europe (as it is at any company) as there are many moving parts. Our

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